Mia And Nikhil Fall Out Of Love? MTV Splitsvilla 9 3rd September 2016 Episode 15 Online Updates

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I don’t need to give you an introduction about what Splitsvilla 9 is. Splitsvilla 9 is host by Gorgeous Sunny Leone and Ex- Roadie Rannvijay. Lets not waste your time and come directly to the topic.

Splitsvilla 9 3 September 2016_2

The last episode of Splitsvilla 9 started with a scroll which said that all the people who are in danger zone can go on a date with any of the Queen they want. Varun and Martina decided to go on a date with Evil Queen Rajnandini. Queen Rajnandani immediately took a toll on Martina and asked her to dance for her. Alongside, Varun was trying to convince Queen Rajnandini for not to dump them.

Meanwhile on the other side, Gurmeet, Archie, Karan Khanna and Karan Chabbra was on the date with Queen Kavya. But very soon everybody left giving Gurmeet and Kavya some quality time.

After the date between Gurmeet and Kavya, all the princesses came for their date with Queen Kavya. Shreeradhe, Isha, and Priya. Soon after the discussion between Queen and Princesses, Kavya asked Shreeradhe to give Isha a lap dance. This date went little kinky.

Soon after that came the dumping round, the very first dumping round of Splitsvilla 9 in which only one princess was safe and that was Princess Mia. Along with the Mia, only two boys were safe and those were Zain and Ayan. Very soon dumping round warmed up or I say rather rage full. Again in the dumping round there was a fight but this time, the fight was between Ayan and Abhishek. And after that, there was an argument between both of the Queens. And it was really fun to watch.

Moving to the more serious topic now. The big question of the night, ‘The Book of Fortune’. BoF said that the princesses with the Golden Bracelets are safe. So that makes Martina, Shreeradhe safe from the dumping round. And finally Queen made her decision and Queen Rajnandani dumped Princess Priya. And Queen Kavya decided to dump Karan Chabbra. Queen Kavya made this decision with because she wanted to see whether Shreeradhe’s and Karan Chabbra’s Connection is genuine or not.

Queen kavya’s decision to dump Karan Chabbra made the dumping zone very emotional. Last dumping round showed friendship and this time it showed love.

Finally, Princess Priya and Karan Chabbra were dumped by the Queens. But again BoF opened and obviously with a surprise. According to BoF, anyone from two brothers can swap their place with Priya or Karan Chabbra. Zain decided to swap his place with Priya so that his brother’s connection can be saved.

So, in the end, Zain sacrificed himself to give his brother his connection back. Along with Ayan, Karan Chabbra left the villa of Splitsvilla 9.

Till now, Splitsvilla 9 has shown us many things such as Friendship, Love, Sacrifice, Brotherhood, Fiery Queen, Evil Queen, Bold Queen. But these tougher times are still to come.

Now moving to the today’s episode which is going to feature massive fallout between Mia and Nikhil. We have already seen couples falling out of love in Splitsvilla 9 and But this time it is going to be between Mia and Nikhil. And the most shocking thing is that it is going to be a task for immunity. Other contestants will also be affected by this behaviour of Mia

You want to know what that task and what exactly going to happen then we suggest you to watch Splitsvilla 9 tonight at 7 pm on MTV.

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