Another Microsoft Layoff Around the Corner

It has been one year since Microsoft announced it’s plans for having a layoff of around 18,000 people. Prior to that, the all-time layoff high used to be 5,800 people, back in 2009. This is believed to be a bid for the company to release more fund to salvage the crashing stock in the market.

Microsoft did what it eventually had to do in order to make its executives in the corporate world richer. Microsoft has announced plans for laying off around 7,700 workers soon.

This announcement followed plans to restructure the hardware of Microsoft phone. It could potentially help the business come to focus and also to align resources.

The reduction in the employees will primarily be made in the phone industry.

Another Microsoft layoff Around the Corner

The impairment charge will roughly be $7.6 billion in relation to the assets that are associated with all the acquisitions done with Nokia Devices and Service (NDS). Also, the charges for restructuring are also approximately 750 to 850 million USD.

To align them better with the priorities of the company that includes the changes in the trend to the company’s engineering teams as well the leadership of the enterprise, Microsoft has been making changes everywhere.

The plans to transfer Microsoft’s imagery acquisition to Uber are also a priority at Microsoft.

The CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, has clearly explained the plans to all the employees at Microsoft via email. The mail spoke of the strategies that were being undertaken at Microsoft to grow a phone business that can be sufficient for it.

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