Mohenjo Daro’s Kissing Scenes Passed By Censors Hrithik’s Movie Cleared Without Cuts

Mohenjo Daro's Kissing Scenes Passed By Censors Hrithik's Movie Cleared Without Cuts

Mohenjo Daro is one of the Bollywood film which is going to release soon on the big screens. It is the upcoming film which is directed by the very talented and the amazing person of Bollywood film industry Ashutosh Gowariker. He had done more of the hit films in the Bollywood world and did a great job here in Mohenjo Daro as well. Mohenjo Daro had showed up a love story and the era of love. Mohenjo Daro is presenting Hritik Roshan and Pooja Hedge in the main leading of the film as the lovers.

Mohenjo Daro's Kissing Scenes Passed By Censors Hrithik's Movie Cleared Without Cuts

The set of the film was made in 2016 BC at the height of Indus Valley Civilization. The story of the film is quite impressive and interesting and having a soft rush in it. As it includes a simple farmer who travels to the great city and just fall in love with a high class lady. He had faced a lot of challenges in the film as he is so new to the city and have lots of problems to overcome.  Mohenjo Daro will going to hit the box office soon as more of the audience just love the story and the characters played in the film.

More of the shots of the film were taken in Bhuj and Mumbai, which there are many short shots were present in the film which are taken in Jabalpur and Thane. All the related tracks and the music of Mohenjo Daro is given by A. R. Rahman who is one of the finest music composer as well as a great singer too. He did so well all the related songs and the music of the film.

The songs 0f Mohenjo Daro already got released on the various social media sites and on YouTube which just loved by the listeners. As there are many adult scenes present in the film Mohenjo Daro and which was just in some issues by the censor board earlier. But here now all of the related scenes were passed and they agreed with the scenes of the film. Hritik Roshan and Pooja Hegde have three passionate kissing scenes in the film and censor board had took lots of time of the makers to remove these scenes from the film. But here its a news that Mohenjo Daro will be release without any cuts. Overall the film will going to hit the box office and it is scheduled to be rle

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