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An amazing science-fiction and thriller filled movie Morgan which is being directed by Luke Scott, the movie is the directorial debut of his and is being written by Seth Owen. The movie which is having a debutant director but the movie is having an ensemble cast which consists of Kate Mara, Anya Taylor, Toby Jones, Rose Leslie, Boyd Holbrook, Michelle Yeoh, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Paul Giamatti. The movie is being released by 20th Century Fox.


The movie is centered around a very intelligent human which is also nature-defying and is loaded with super-human qualities which are created and raised by a very elite group of scientists and in total laboratory environment. The activities of this exceptional human are not normal and his abilities to do every single thing like a very self-sufficient at a very early age of just six, everything is just remarkable and beyond the normal thinking expectation of even her creators. Everything was going-on very perfectly when one day she shows her negative side and viciously attacks and seriously injures one of the scientists who were working on her.

Morgan is basically a very thrilling movie which is filled with latest of the sci-fi and next-generation scenes which comprises of the problems and possible threatening which can happen to mankind if we proceed to make a human better than us. The movie which is going to see a very new and directorial director on the go, Luke Scott will be having a great expectations from the movie since the very first day, but the reviews from the critics for the movie is enough good to keep him up and wait till he gets the response from the audience for his movie.

The movie is released today and is having a great number of audience to count on the very first day of release. The movie will directly go to face-off ‘The Light Between Ocean’ which is also a very awaited romantic and emotionally touching movie having a very great story which is being taken from a novel of the same name. The movie is going to have the very first day and the expected collection for the first day is around  $6 million.

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