Most Exceptional Sci-fi Movie ‘Passangers’ Latest Images Featuring Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt Released

Passangers movie

One of the most anticipated and Thrilling movie which is filled with the latest of sci-fi tech and is done by the same screenwriters which caused the huge success of Prometheus ‘Jon Spaihts’ and has been flying around the Hollywood for a quite long time since after that with unimaginable enthusiasm and with lots of exceptional ideas still to be made.

The projects still have so many pending and hurdles in its way. The movie took its pace after one of the recently won best director nominations, has signed on to take the helm of this movie, the name of the director is Mortem Tyldum. He wants to make this project worthy one and that’s why he decided to choose Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt as the lead roles in the movie. The movie is about a Luxury and an exceptional colony of human bound to the spaceship and the idea which is still 120 years away right now from us.

Passangers movieThe story is having filled with quite thrilling experience because while taking 5,000 passengers which are in hypersleep and is going on a journey when two of them suddenly and unwantedly gets up 90 years before their original and scheduled time. They suddenly strike up in a situational relationship and starts recovering the ships only hope of recovering from a serious malfunction.

The movie is having a great story in it, which is consisting of love, smartness, and funny humorous things but at the same time, it is filled with amazing story and plotting os story. The movie has done amazing justice with the intimacy and epic story of the movie at the same time.

Passangers 2

The story also tells an amazing relation between human relationship and a need for freedom from all the sci-fi and hi-tech prison like the hyper-sleep cell. The duo of Pratt and Lawrence has done so many amazing movies together and this duo is also known for their emotional and intensity over the acting and doing such exceptional movies together.

Passangers movie 3The movie is going to release on 21st of December 2016 by the Columbia pictures.

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