MTV India’s Next Top Model 21st August 2016: Full Online Coverage Updates & Written Episode

india's next top model

In the last episode of this amazing and sensational show the second time in India’s Next Top Model, which brings some of the most sensual and upcoming models of India who got a stage to show their talent and being provided with a stage to grow and explore more.

The day of the girls start with a task prediction and they all get ready for this task. The girls arrived at the stage and see two girls doing ariel act but in the air. They all starts thinking about what would be the act, their task is told to them and they are all stunned. Shraddha Kapoor has given them a good luck message and that shows the courage which she has done to do the same task for the promotions. The winner will go to get a reward from live, they all gets ready after makeup and Poulomi Das.

india's next top model

Priya and Neelam were the other groups to do the task, Pranati and Jaamti were the third group, Rajashree and Subhamita were the fourth group to do the task, They all have given a very dedicated performance and that’s quite amazing to see their will. Pranati and Jaamti have won the task and he reward they get from Livon is that they will go to get the chance to get saved from the eliminations. Lisa is here to have a facetime with all of them, and she has given them the message for their new task, Lisa wants everyone to shine in that task and that’s what makes Pranati got angry over this topic and starts fighting with Poulmi Das.

Anusha Dandekar comes again and talks to Prantati and Jaamti is asked for her reward and everyone gives their decision. Meet Parekh has come to give this task an amazing turn and it’s quite new for all the girls because of the shimmering and shining change in it.

The theme for the shoot is recycled things and all about nature and global warming. There is very different and amazing message in their performances and every single girl shows her amazing side. This time, there is no elimination and that’s what made the girls crazy and very happy.

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