MTV Splitsvilla 9 10th September 2016 Episode 16 Online Video: Evil Queen Rajnandini’s Connection On Dumping Ground

Splitsvilla 9

In the last episode of Splitsvilla 9, we saw that this amazingly going show which shows twists and shocking turns with every single episode. Shree was missing Karan because he is not longer with him and as she was preparing something to give to him. The task for the day has come and it is ‘Patate Raho’. All the girls were telling what they love and want for their boys, so the task starts and everyone comes into the area and they all are really smoking at that time.

Splitsvilla 9

The task was ‘What Women Love’ and everyone knows that it will go to be very amazing. The first one is Mia and she is given to identify ‘Broad Shoulders’, she started doing the task and was literally having lots of fun. In this task, Nick won because she literally wants her connection to won. The next one is Isha and she got ‘Luscious Lips’, she starts doing the task, all the task was going very amazingly and was really funny for all. In this task, his connection Abhishek won. The next one is Shree and she got ‘Muscular legs’, she does the task very amazingly and in the end she actually chose Nick as the best one.

Next one is Priya and she got Awesome Abs, add this task will going to reveal everyone’s abs. She starts doing the task and also the insulting. She chose her connection Ayan, now the tie is for Martina and she got the chiseled chest, Varun was getting very jealous as Martina was literally having too much fun while doing this task. She chose her connection Varun very perfectly, now the time is for winner and the winner is ‘Nick’ which is very unexpected for many guys and they were literally shocked and he also got power from restricting two princesses from the next round and also he is saved from next round.

The next task is all set to perform, they have to cut the wood by tying the blade on their thigh and after cutting it will be set to make a ladder to the bell which will be ringed by the girls, the name of the task is ‘Zor Laga Ke Haisha’, the task starts and everyone starts cutting the wood pieces by their thighs. Isha’s team is getting the start and first step, Martina, Gurmeet and Barun won the task and that is very impressive. Mia got very annoyed and angry because of this and starts scolding over everyone, even at Nick. The situation got worse when Nick also starts fighting with Mia and nobody want to listen to anyone.

The shocking event shows that even the ‘Evil Queen’ can have the danger of losing his connection and that’s what make the real Splitsvilla where no one knows what can happen. The completely changed Rajnandini’s attitude towards everyone and will definitely going to change the way she thinks the game is going as he was thinking it is going.

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