MTV Splitsvilla 9 13th August 2016 Episode 12 Online Video: Varun Sood Gets Dumped & An Epic Twist For Everyone

Splitsvilla 9

Splitsvilla is growing to be one of the most entertaining and amazing show on the Indian entertainment channel. In the last episode of Splitsvilla we saw that Martina who has recently lost his throne is having a fun time and enjoying his personal time with Varun his connection. When they both were returning to their villa they saw Kavya fighting with Mia over her topic which she raised on the dumping ground over her using of somebody’s else cloth, she was so much hurt from the single statement that she was fighting and crying at the same time.

Splitsvilla 9

Then next day when everybody gathered at the task place they came to know about two new guys Ayaan and Zayn, they both are new in the villa and has come with some powers which can be so much surprising for all fo them but it will going to be revealed when the real time come.

The next day when new task to impress the queen and princesses start everybody gives their flawless performances from which Karan Khanna’s was dedicated to Karan Chabbra, Shree and hos ex girlfriend Priya. Then when everyone have to decide who is the best performer and everybody chose Nikhil as the best performer and will be saved from dumping. Queen seriously got shocked to listen to this decision. Now the special power which is given to them is the golden bracelet which they both will going to gve to two princesses, now every princess starts imprseeing them to get that.

Ayaan gives the bracelet to Martina and Zayn gives it to Mia. So the challange and game is between Mia, Kavya, Martina and Shree. The task which will going to chose the next princess is started and the first round is between Mia and Kavya from which Kavya won because of Gurmeet’s efforts and the second one is of Martina and Shree from which Shree won the second semi-finals. Now the final fight is between Kavya and Shree. Kavya show her efforts and won the task. So now she is the second queen of the Villa. Now everybody knows that the revenge is going to be one tough one.

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