MTV Splitsvilla 9 23rd July 2016 Episode 9 Online: Everyone Excited New Wild Card Entry Priya

Splitsvilla 9

Splitsvilla 9 is already on it’s 9th episode and so here we are like every week to give updates about the same. Splitsvilla 9 is host by ex-Rodie Rannvijay and Stunning Sunny Leone.

In the last episode we saw that this episode was not so normal as any. Because in this episode princess will get to challenge Queen Martina and the winning Princess will be the next queen. When the scroll came in the morning it said that one the three princess had to give up their Golden Bracelet and if they will not come to the decision of who will give up then the power will go to the boys and they will decide the same. Unfortunately none princess came to decision and the power ultimately was in boys’ hands.

Splitsvilla 9

Boys chose Shreeradhe as she got her Golden Bracelet because of Book of Fortune and did not earned it. The Golden Bracelet which shreeradhe lost was won by Princess Isha and she challenged Queen Martina.

Then the challenge task began which was named as ‘Gadhe aur Ghode’ (Donkeys and Horses). Battle began and Queen Martina again won by the score of 2-0. Queen Martina agian became the queen of the Spiltsvilla 9.

After the challenge round there was fun game in the villa in which Sunny and Rannvijay will name a Hashtag tittle and the Princesses has to choose who deserve that title, And the interesting thing is they had to choose by smashing an egg on their head.

Cards turned when it was Sunny and Rannvijay asked all the princesses to choose hashtag for the Queen Martina. Non of the hashtag was in the compliment of Queen Martina. and the Queen was watching all of this in her villa. By the end it was reveled that one of the Princess will be eliminated in the next episode of splitsvilla 9.

Now Shreeradhe, Rajnandini and Mayuri are in dumping zone. And Queen Martina will decided who she will kick out of the villa.

In today’s Episode one of the Princess will leave the Splitsvilla 9 forever. But the story will not be so easy as it seem. All will be reveled when the book of fortune will open.

Splitsvilla will be air on the MTV every saturday at 7 pm. Stay tune for more and use the comment box below.

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