MTV Splitsvilla 9 30th July 2016 Episode 10 Online Video: New Queen Will Dump Varun Today

Splitsvilla 9

As the show is all about. it starts with an amazing starting. All the three girls were in the pool waiting for the queen and the queen comes to demolish them. The queen starts her destruction and they all gets too much scared that what will going to happen. The queen is enjoying too much, and all the three girls were doing what they can possibly do to save themselves. They all gathered and their cat-fight begins, all were shocked to see how Rajnandini and Kavya start fighting.

Splitsvilla 9

Queen Martini starts scolding everyone and it’s very shocking. Karan stand up for her princess and they honestly all praised his effort to save Shreeradhe. Now everything depends upon Martina and she decided to dump Mayuri, Rajnandini and Karan were saved. The book of fortune  has once again gave a shocking order that, the dumped girl have the power to choose one more queen, because from today there will be 2 queen in the splitsvilla. All were shocked to see this and are shocked too, she choose Rajnandini to become the other or second queen, Now they all are shocked to see the decision of Mayuri.

Next day when the day starts, they all get a very big surprise, when they saw two ex-splitsvillans in the show this time. A new task comes again of selecting a golden bracelet and have a selfie with the guys, they both makes plan and it was going on quite amazingly. They finally met the queens but they are not as happy as they expected from them. The task of the day is that the guys have to make a tower but without the hands and the tower will be made on the belly of princesses.

All the contestants start making their tower but their towers are not that much strong and are falling again and again. They all were doing it quite amazingly but in the end, Karan and Shreeradhe won the task and she got the golden bracelet. The show is expected to get more and more exciting with the time because two new princesses have come and they both are very much experienced.

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