MTV Splitsvilla 9 6th August 2016 Episode 11 Online Updates: New Wild Card Entries May Change The Game

Splitsvilla 9

The one of the most amazing show, full of thrills and shocking moments is back. The last episode shows the fear and connection of Varun and Martina and how much they are connected to each-other and their care for them. Then Rajnandini and Gurmeet meet, where Kavya was the point of conversation between them, while Nandini was trying to show her anger for Kavya. Gurmeet too was shocked after watching the reactions and aggression of Nandini, Kavya agreed to it but she says not to let her down in front of her. Shree and Karana Chabbra was very emotional and Shree they both were literally crying.

Splitsvilla 9

The night came of dumping ground, Mia start fighting with Kavya about their kiss and then Nick and Kavya, they both kissed each other. Then Queen came, looking fabulous as they are,  Raj is all set to set every everyone on fire and then she start praising herelf. Then Shree start telling about what happened between them and that is a fight, which went out of control and Karan who got hurt after that fight, Shree broke it out and she told that she had a moment close and kissing with Karan Khanna, Karan told the excuse about how it happened and gave a very lame excuse of getting sentimental with her. Karan chabbra was so much broken and cried at that moment, everything was getting out of control.

Rajnandini was trying to insult Kavya and she is succeeded in it and then the fight between both queen started and while Gurmeet was trying not to let Kavya do it. Book of Fortune opened and the destiny is out, but this time it is quite different. Martina choosed Aditya from her choice and Marrtina who is quite powerless told everything about his fear and while telling  her to save Varun, rajnandini chose Varun for dumping, everybody got so much shocked and Martina who is crying because her close connection is dumping.

Rannvijay gets very angry over Nick actions and when he was very angry and was shouting over Nandini. Everyone was literally shocked to listen to Rajnandini’s decision and then it comes, the BOF tells that one queen have to step down from the throne to save her connection. Martina decided to leave the throne and she do it without thinking even twice. Aditya got dumped. The evil queen threatens everyone while going before to the palace.

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