MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 6 “Princess Elimination Task” 3rd July 2016 Updates


The show which counters one of the most high loving level and has most of the viewers as Splitsvilla is back with the new episode of their season 9. The name Splitsvilla 9 and this time its all about about women and it’s also titled as ‘where women rule’. The Season 9 which is being hosted by the most famous Ranvijay and stunning Sunny Leone.

In last episode of Splitsvilla 9, we gets to see that everybody expect Gurmeet and Varun that all the boys were in the dumping zone and Queen Martina was suppose to eliminate any two among them. The queen decided to take every other boys who were unsafe for a date. Location was beautiful and Queen Martina was looking fabulous as ever. Aditya gave her a bouquet and Archie performed a dance (or whatever he call it) for the Queen. Nick tried to say a poem but forgot in the middle. Martina asked the boys whom they think does not deserve to be the next Queen and every on e voted for Isha.


Isha choose to open the Book of Fortune an it really turned the table. The Queen not only eliminated Harshit and Milind but also sent Niharika to the danger zone. The interesting task of the episode was the princess were suppose to take the selfies but they were not suppose to show their face and the boys had to guess the name. And that princess will be called as Sexiest Selfie Queen of the game.

There was the tie between Princess Mayuri and Rajnandini. Then princess Mayuri won this game event. Now the kavya was already safe as she has the Golden Bracelet and Mayuri became Sexiest Selfie Queen leaving Esha and Rajnandini in danger zone where Niharika was already in that zone.

In todays episode we are going to see that boys will choose amongst Esha and Rajnandini who will compete with the Niharika in Do or Die task. In this task they are suppose to battle in a pool and tear off each others top. Sexy, isn’t it? Also there will be one girl who will enter the villa as a first wild card entry. Stay tune with us as we bringing more update on Splitsvilla 9.

This time the show is getting so much personal and the changes which the contestants are taking is quite personally, So that’s the main strategy of game make other jealous and burn them to win over’em.

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