MTV Splitsvilla 9 Spoilers 2016: Shree Radhe Wins Golden Bracelet & Karan Gets New Connection Priya

Splitsvilla 9

It was was very amazing to saw the full episode of splitsvilla 9 episode starts where all the three princes who were in dumping zone (Mayuri, Shree Radhe & Raj Nandani) had to go on date with queen martina. It was for the first time in splitsvilla 9 where the queen come to date tree girls.

If you all remember the last egg smashing task where they gave embarrassing tags to martina and this was the time to get revenge of all the thing they said for her.

Splitsvilla 9

Another wonderful episode we have seen the a tough dumping round  where queen martina has send mayuri back to her home. There is no doubt as she known as the fiery queen she did the things belongs to its title, Its very obvious this game is having full of twist as ranvijay as every one that they want to open the book of fortune? Ranvijay also tell the concussions that if there is one elimination then it could be more than 1 or more too.

Still martina wants to open book of fortune as it was very shocking to know that if the princes wants to replace them self by their connection after this karan chabra come and took place of shree Radhe as she got saved and karan stood on dumping zone.

Finally martine dumped to mayuri and as book of fortune said to come back after the given task. Book of fortune gave the power to mayuri that she can choose a princes who can sit on the throne of queen it means the villa will have two queens together.

It seem very easy for mayuri she took Raj Nandani’s name and she become the second queen of splitsvilla 9. After leaving the dumping zone all the contestant move to another task which was for the golden bracelet. All the girls had to choose a boy who could have performed with them all the princes chose their connection and start the task at the end karan chabra and Shree radhe won the task and got the golden bracelet.


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