MTV Splitsvilla 9 Winner Leaked, Martina And Varun Entered In Grand Finale


The Ninth installment of Splitsvilla is about to end. The show which showed love, friendship, laughter, betrayal has only one last episode left. This journey from June 11, 2016, until now was amazing and entertaining as always with hosts, Sunny Leone and Rannvijay. News Recorder has been with you from the starting and allows us to end this journey. Let’s take a recap of last dumping ground.

splitsvilla-9As you already know that except Mia and Nick, every other is in the dumping zone. That makes Queen Kavya’s connection be a prime target of Evil Queen. To save Gurmeet, Queen Kavya went to the evil queen to plead for Gurmeet. Taking advantage of the situation Rajnandini made Kavya make love to a pole which made Kavya cry. Rajnandini even made Kavya do sit ups.

Then came the dumping ground with Karan Khanna, Gurmeet, Varun, Abhishek, Isha, Martina, and Shreeradhe in dumping zone. Only Mia and Nick were safe in the last dumping zone. In this dumping ground, Evil Queen Rajnandini opened up her heart. She explained her pain of not seeing Archie in the finals, that he was dumped. That she has to go through the worst and that too alone.

The very first thing happens in dumping zone that everybody chose to open the Book of Fortune. Book of Fortune revealed that both the Queen now have to dump a couple from the dumping zone with mutual understanding. Kavya didn’t want to dump Martina and Varun whereas Rajnandini didn’t want to dump Karan and Shreeradhe. So both Queens decided to dump Isha and Abhishek. And just how a sweet pair left the family of Splitsvilla 9 at the very end with a sweet goodbye.

After this BoF was opened again and this time it asked both the queens to dump one Splitsvillan each. And after much debate, Kavya dumped Karan whereas Rajnandini dumped Gurmeet.

But now there are only two boys left in the villa, Nick and Varun with three princesses, Martina, Shreeradhe and Mia along with two queens, Kavya and Rajnandini.

Again for the third time BoF opened and this time it was in favour of the unfortunate. BoF said that if Kavya reverses the Rajnandini’s decision then one of the dumped boy can come back in the villa. Obviously, Kavya chose to save the Gurmeet and RAjnanidni bought back Archie in the Villa. This was the last time that BoF opened and it didn’t want to break anyone’s heart. Finally, Archie came back in the game and it was Karan Khanna who left the journey of Splitsvilla 9.

Karan was not the alone and was accompanied by all the ex-Splitsvillan. And why are all the Splitsvillans are back is yet to see. But we are sure that villa is not going to be quite now. There is already fights started in the villa and the first one is between Mayuri and Karan. Karan Khanna’s ex-connection Mayuri lost her mind and came on the verge to physicaly abuse Karan Khanna. Priya, who is also an ex-connection of Karan, took advantage with Ayan and Zain added fuel to the fire and took out all their frustration on Karan.

Don’t forget to watch the Grand Finale of Splitsvilla 9 on MTV this Saturday 7 pm as it will announce the winner of Splitsvilla 9. And if you have any question don’t forget that you have a comment section below.

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