Much Awarded Movie “Rough Book” Review Rating Stills Critics Box Office Collection

rough book movie

Rough Book is an awesome and amazing film directed by Ananth Narayan Mahadevan for Aerika Cineworks. It has Tannishtha Chatterjee and Amaan Khan in the lead roles . Along with them , there are Joy Sengupta, Jayati Bhatia, Vinay jain in the supporting roles. The movie focuses on the problems of education system of India,restrained growth opportunities, and, the teacher’s typical demand and supply mentality towards education.

The movie’s release is scheduled on 24th June,2016. The movie is all about discrimination among the student on the basis of their score or grades. There is no melodrama in the movie, instead, it is a tale inspired from the real life experiences. It received the Best Feature Film Award (Indian Film Festival , Houston, 2015), Special Director Award (San Francisco Global Film Fest), Best Story (Washington DC Staff), Best Director Rajasthan International Film Festival, 2016.

rough book

This feature film also got selected for:

  1. Dubai International Film Festival 2015 (Cinetech 2015)
  2. Dallas Fort Worth South Asian Film Festival 2015
  3. Indian Film Festival of Houston 2015
  4. New York Indian Film Festival 2015
  5. Stuttgart Indian Film Festival 2015
  6. San Francisco Global Movie Fest 2015
  7. Washington DC South Asian Film Festival 2015
  8. MIAMI, Mumbai , 2015
  9. ALIIFF, Kochi,2015
  10. Rajasthan International Film Festival 2016

The movie has achieved 91% audience votes on BookMyShow.

A neatly scripted movie, that is able to make its message deliver with a flourish. The movie highlights on the art of accepting failure.It shows how, education is not about what we cram or what we read or learn the boring lecture, it is instead, all about their applications practically, in real life.

It was mentioned in an article on Hindustan Times, ‘Mahadevan’s Rough Book may not cause a tsunami in a society obsessed with money and marks, but is sure to cause strong ripples!!’

rough book movie

It takes a closer and critical insight into the education system , and that is appreciable! It is a pure cinema. There are no critic reviews, although, the film has won various awards in various film festivals , and talks about a subject that is the need of the hour.

This is an out-of the box idea where students are put in different divisions as per their grades, with D section meaning a section of ‘Duffers’. The story is narrated from the point of view of a teacher, who rallies through a divorce, ends up becoming a physics teacher, and her own child is section D. The way she imparts education to her students is commendable.It is an emotional journey of the teacher. It will make one believe that amplitude scores over marks.

Ananth was initially not excited about the movie, because he thought the subject was about academics, debates and was not cinematic. But after interviews and meetings for two years, he finally decided to take the challenge!

Ananth not only got calls from distributors but also principals of several education institutions wanting to screen Rough Book for students and parents. Ananth who is looking to tie-up with a studio for a mid-June release, is hopeful that such reactions will convince the trade that it has much bigger potential at the box office.

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