Must Read: Tree Man of Bangladesh went through surgery, check out the cause of rare condition

tree man

There is one rare case in Bangladesh, a 27-year-old man is world-widely known as ‘tree man’ due to his rare condition. He has a wood-like structure all over his fingers that looks like tree branches, this wood like branches isn’t only on his hand but on his feet too. We can’t even imagine living with woody hand and feet, here are this man name Abul Baja near who living with it.

According to Agence France-Presse (AFP), Abul Bajandar has gone through sixteen surgeries to remove wood-like structures from his body till now to remove that wood like branches to look normal. However, these wood warts grow and spread all over his hand and feet again and again. Abul has removed around 5 kilograms of wood in order to remove the extensive from his body by surgeries.

The condition of Abul Bajandar is so bad that he face difficulty in daily basic work like eating, drinking, and bathing. Although he unable to hold his daughter due to his harsh condition.

After goes through the surgery, Abul felt relaxed and spoke out his feelings to AFP, he said,¬†“Now I feel so much better; I can hold my daughter in my lap and play with her.”

As per reports and news from many different sources, the rare condition with which Abul dealing is called¬†epidermodysplasia verruciform in medical term. On the base on a report of the year 2010, the affected person has ‘Human Papilloma Virus’ (HPV) infections in his skin due to which this wood like structure appear on the body. This infection leads to the condition where the wood like warts appear on the affected person’s body and person soon looks like a tree man.

According to the report, when HPV attacks on the person his skin turns into the wart-like skin and many small and big tumors start to appear, malignant tumors are most common ones which found in half of such cases. Whereas, according to Medscape, people with this infection who body remains normal without any wood-like warts on any part of the body shown no symptoms at all.

The person who affected by the rare disease called epidermodysplasia verruciform has a variation of two different genes EVER1 and EVER2. However, it is still a mystery that how the variation of these two genes causes the rare disease.

According to the report of The Washington Post, Abul’s wood-like warts begun to spread on his hand and feet during the adolescent age and when he turned to 20, the wood like branches started spreading with more speed.

Every day is a struggle for Abul Bajandar for even a little things.

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