‘My Blind Brother’: A Strange Love Triangle With Some Comical Aspect, Movie Reviews & Response


The upcoming movie My Blind Brother seems to be a very emotional and melodramatic movie but the truth is never what it seems. The movie which is based on two brothers, from which one if blind and when they face-off after they meet a young woman who loves to give away her time for helping a physically disabled guy.

The movie which is having a very appealing and interesting story in which revolves around these two brothers. The story does have a comedy part which seems not too much amazing but it appeals greatly to the audience in every single part, the movie seems to be a serious one but the actual reality is that the movie is not that much serious at all and while not having a very emotional and sad melodrama at all in the movie the characters in the movie has done an exceptional work for not giving away the funny side between their friendship. The sincerity of the relation between these two brothers is portrayed in a very awesome manner.

my-blind-brother-2 The movie is starring two of the very talented and amazing actors of Hollywood from which one is portraying Nick Kroll, who is the physically disabled person but never lets his disability to show-up to anyone.

He also works out the daily works as a normal person and in many cases he runs with his brother along with him for so many charity events and his brother which is being portrayed by Adam Scott which as Robbie who never lets his spirits down in any case and always support him and also runs with him for making him rise above his blindness.

He runs in long marathons and also has more bigger and challenging plans for himself to check his endurance and skills. Everything is going great when one-day things start getting complicated for these two when Robbie hires a pretty assistant named as Rose being dined by Jenny Slate.

my-blind-brotherShe is the same girl with whom Bill happened to have a one night stand. The situation gets worse as Robbie decides to practise for a long distance swimming to raise money for charity and also keeps himself on the local news, while Robbie and Rose were coming closer they finds out that this will suffer serious problems in their relationship. The movie is actually an impressive movie packed with some good stuff to look out for and will definitely go to get some great response on box-office today.

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