Mystery Box Special! “MCI” MasterChef India Season 5 Star Plus 16th October 2016 Episode 6


Masterchef is growing to be as one of the biggest reality cooking show right now with the most TRP and viewership. The show is going on very perfectly and is having a very tough competition every time the judges give them a new challenge.

The show is marking great  response from the viewers in every episode. The Traditional Indian cooking show is bringing some very great dishes to India. Today is the third week of Masterchef and all the contestants reached to one of the biggest restaurants in Mumbai and they have been given the challenge to make an Italian dish. All the contestants were given to choose their colored apron and then the captains were chosen according to the color. All of them were given with aprons which are written with ‘Captain’.

MasterChef India Season 5
The team has chosen their lineup and they were Starter, Main course, and Dessert. Chef Rahul Dhabi has come to supervise the dish which they will go to prepare for today. They have started their fight with the challenge to prove their worth on the show and to make their team safe for ahead.

They are doing their best but still there are many mistakes which are being noticed by supervisor ‘Rahul’. The second team comes up after one hour and they have started their preparation for the main course. The guests have started to come and they are all looking quite hungry, so this will going to put more pressure on them for the starter dish.

The things are going very fastly and the time too, their time ends and they are all set up, they have taken till the very last second of the time. So now the things are for plating. The second team is also getting very much stressed and now they are the next.

The Dish which is a starter and is being made by the team os Shipra has done quite a good thing but it was a bit raw and get a normal review from the judges. The team yellow is now on the verge of very expectations and they are trying their best to get their dish done.

masterchefmysteri-mciThe third team has also started to work but they have done a very big mistake and then they start trying to do something to save their dish. All the contestants are doing their best to prove their worth on the show.

The third team too is suffering so many problems in preparing their dish and they are also giving their best to their dish. The Third team Red is also ready with their dish. The Blue team of Shipra got eliminated this time. This time, the read team is the winner.

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