Naagin 2 15th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Video: Shivangi Running In Jungle

Naagin 2

In the last episode a wolf attacked on Shivangi. Shivangi turned into nagin and killed wolf. Rocky came back to Shivangi. They both got shiver due to snow storm. Inspector and Rocky’s friend got worried for Rocky and Shivangi. Rocky tried to cover shivering Shivangi. Shivanya looked at Rithik’s garlanded photo and said that he sacrified his life for her. Shivanya asked her brother to call a boy soon to get Shivangi married.

Naagin 2Police found Shivangi and Rocky. Yamini came to pick Rocky. She showed her fake concern for Rocky. She scolded his freinds why did they leave Rocky alone. Rocky’s friend gave his mobile to Yamini. Yamini checked mobile. Police deleted video. Shivanya told Shivangi that she found an alliance for her and wants to complete her responsibility soon. Shivanya asked Shivangi if she has any boyfriend. Shivangi thought about Rocky. Rocky thought of Shivangi and ran towards bakery.

Rocky stopped near a tree. A scorpion climbed his body but Shesha as Rocky’s fiance rushed and spin him like a ball. At Shivanya’s house, boy’s family came to see Shivangi and accepted her. Ruckika forced Rocky to drink glasses after glasses of liquor. Shivangi and her cousins was also there and wait for boy. Ruckika continued forced feeding drinks to Rocky. Rocky and Ruckika dance. Shesha asked DJ to play her given songs.

Rocky saw Shivangi on dance floor. Rocky left with Ruckika. DJ stopped Ruchika and started flirting with her. Shesha got into half nagin form and lift him in air with her long hand. Rocky’s birthday party started. Rocky came down with Yamini. Everyone wished Rocky happy birthday. Yamini ordered to brink cake. Shivanya reached back home. Boy told family that he saw a woman who turned into half nagin. Shivanya got shocked.

Rocky told Yamini that he can’t marry Ruchika. He said that it is too early. Yamini said that Ruchika loves him. Rocky said that he just cannot marry Ruchika. Ruchika heared their conversation.

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