Naagin 2 19th November 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap: Srivastav Turns Into Snake

Naagin 2

In the last episode of Naagin, we had seen that Yamini is with Rocky and acts to be sad. She cries and says to Rocky that he must not felt guilty as he had saved Shivangi’s life. She says that Shivangi had come here for him and this is best. Then Yamini goes to prepare for the rituals. She sees Avantika there who is tensed for Ruchika. She starts blubbing and says that Ruchika had gone mad. They then go to pacify her.

Naagin 2Rocky and Shivangi come to  the house and everyone gathers for their grehparvesh. Then Ruchika comes there and stops them. She hugs Shivangi surprising everyone and says that she had now realised her mistake. She welcomes them and Shivangi thinks that she can take her revenge now. Shivangi in the room thinking about the revenge and gets tensed when she starts turning as Nagin. She prays and Rocky come there. She prays continuously and become human again. Rocky confesses his love and tells his situation but Shivangi gets aimed  that she will not forgive him.

Later on, Shivangi goes to the temple to ask the saint about using her powers. The saint asks her to chant three words by which she can change herself. Shivangi tries and she become Nagin. Ruchika comes there and asks her that what is her motto. Shivangi gets a change in some lady and says that she come to take revenge. Ruchika blesses her and says that she will surely get success in her revenge.

On the next day, guests come for Shivangi’s muh dikhai. Yamini goes to get Shivangi. Rocky is with Shivangi and applies sindoor. Shivangi thinks on and then goes for the muh dikhai. She intentionally hugs Shesha and takes her mobile. She sits and sends SMS to some man from Shesha’s mobile. The lady gets angry by this and slaps Shesha. Shivangi gets glad. In today’s episode, we are going to see that Shivangi starts taking revenge and kill one of the partners. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Naagin like this.

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