Naamkaran 12th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap: Hasmukh In Trouble


Avni and Ali sits in school bus. Ali talks to Ali and sees Asha running behind school bus. He says Avni your mom is running. Avni ignore. He shouts stop bus. He gets down and takes lunch of Avni. He gives tiffin to Avni. Avni and Alia reaches school. Avni thinks about Ashish. She goes to classroom and takes out notebook. She writes i cannot become angry on my father. She writes it again and Again. Kia comes and snatches her notebook. She goes in front and says i will tell you all something funny. Avni asks her to return her notebook. She reads what Avni wrote.

NaamkaranEveryone laughs. Avni snatches her notebook back and goes. Daya emotionally blackmails Ashish. Ashish thinks how low can she go and why she is doing all this. Avni goes to Kia and beats her. They starts fighting. Ali asks Avni to stop but she doesnot listens. Teacher comes and punishes Avni. She asks her to go and raise her hands. Ali also goes. Teacher stops him. Everyone laughs on Ali. Asha goes to her friend. She says Avni is so sad and doesnot wants to listen to anyone. Ashok comes and says why you dont tell this to Avni and if you are not doing anything wrong. She gets upset. He says Daya made Ashish out of the house. Asha gets shocked.

Hasmukh reaches Daya’s office. Daya was scolding all staff. He gets scared. He goes in room. Daya asks everyone to leave. She asks him to sit. She asks what will he have. He says no he is fine. Daya still asks something. He says i will have coffee. She rings the bell and orders lassi. She says coffee is not good for health. She says you are friend of Ashish. He says yes. She says you are friend before you became husband of his sister. Hasmukh says yes. She asks which relation is stronger. He says friendship. Daya says good. She reminds him when Ashish did wrong wish and wanted to fly and he jumped from tree. Then she stayed with him in hospital. So she wants them to understand things and Asha is a bad lady.

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