Naamkaran 13th September 2016 Episode 2 Written Updates Online: Ashish Recalls Asha’s Words


Avni sits alone in rain. A lady comes holding umbrella and says why you are sitting here. She asks Avni if you fought with somebody and how you are injured. Her mom asks who did this. Avni says you did this. She asks who am i. She goes home from there. She goes in room and spills everything. She opens almirah and goes inside that. She looks inside and gets tensed. Her mom.comes and asks to open door. Avni says i will not tell you. Her mom asks whom will you tell. She says dad. A man comes and some assistants comes to him. A man calls him director. Man admires him that he is good director. Man calls him Ashish. Ashish gets his flight tickets. Ashish gives Malohtra wine bottle and asks him to go home. Ashish makes Malohtra out. A girls comes to Ashish. She says she came for auditions. Malohtra looks at girl.


Ashish says i have made script ready. Girl leans on him and says i want this role at any cost. Ashish gets uncomfortable and asks who taught you to do this. She says Nilesh. He says ok wait. He calls Nilesh and beats him. He asks if this is the way. Girl cries. Ashish says why you were doing this as you can get role but not success. He also asks her not to listen anything like this. Girl says thank you and goes. Avni calls his father but her mom cuts the phone. She says your father is busy. Avni shouts that he does not have time for us. Ashish calls home. Asha takes call and Ashish asks everything is alright. Avni says no i have to talk to you.

Ashish asks what happened with Avni. Avni takes phone and says do you love me. He says yes. Avni says prove it and come here. Ashish says its okay and i will come and also wants to meet you. Avni gets sad. Asha goes to her and says your dad is coming. Asha closes all windows. Avni gets clothes for Asha. She gets ready. Ashish comes. Asha gets happy. Ashish says people say lie that we love one time but he loves her again and again. He tells that he is going to shoot for seven days. She asks where. He says where we met first time. He asks about Avni.

Asha tells she is not in good mood. Avni says i want to talk to you. Avni says she wants him to come to her school. They becomes shocked. She says this family is not normal as dad comes for one hour and then go. He says i will tell my mother everything about us. He says we have not married but living like husband wife.

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