Naamkaran 14th September 2016 Written Episode Updates Online: Hemant Asks For Her Daughter Relation


Asha reads Namaj. She hides carpet and starts making tea. She takes milk from outside. She lightens diya of temple. She remembers words of Ashish’s mother and gets restless. Asha wakes up Avni. She takes up phone but drops it again. Then she calls a person. Asha aska Avni to wake up but she sleeps. Avni says she was seeing a good dream. Asha says we have to work hard to fulfill our dream. She says she saw her school board. She says she was seeing towards her father. She was running slow. Then her father come in car with full style. He comes out and then she woke her up. Asha says when you see the car then he would have come. Avni says she believe that Dad will come soon.

NaamkaranAsha asks her to go and brush. She gets call of Ashish. She asks how is maa and she will not let Avni to call you. Ashish says no she does not have any other choice. Asha gets restless. Asha asks Ashish not to tell anything to maa. She says whatever we have that is sufficient and she does not wants to lose anything. Ashish says everything is with you and he tells that maa has to understand. Yesterday maa was ill so she could not talked to her. Asha says she is scared and Avni is not demanding right thing. Ashish says he is also scared but for our children we have to face this. He asks do you trust me. She says yes. He says then smile. She smiles. Ashish says smile like when you saw me for first time. He asks her to make poha as he never goes for outdoor shooting without eating her poha.

Maa calls Ashish. A child named Riya laughs. She calls Hetal and asks to handle her child. She drops utensils. Maa shouts. Riya gets ready and says she is going. Maa calls Hemant and asks how is he. Ashish comes and asks with whom maa is talking. Riya gives good luck to Ashish. Ashish says he has to talk to her. Maa says no we have to meet Hemant bhai. Ashish says she has to go as today is his flight for Kashmir. Asha talks to a neighbour and says she is going to take Poha as Ashish is coming. That lady becomes happy. Asha tells that Ashish is going to tell his mother. She smiles and says its good. Maa drives. Ashish gets call of Ashudi. Maa says why this girl calls you again and again. Avni takes call and asks if he will come or not. He says yes

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