Naamkaran 15th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Video: Avni Asks Ashish To Go To His Mumma


NaamkaranIn the last episode of Naamkaran, we had seen that Avni is still sad and thinking about the word. She asks Ali that I will not go back till I will not get to know the meaning of that word. Ali asks her to call chamko fish and if she will come then you will surely get to meet your father. They both call Chamko and gets glad to see it. Ali then asks Avni to go and find her father.

In the party venue, Hasmukh gets shocked to know that truth from Ashish. He says to Ashish that you must think about your future, not for anything else. Hasmukh says that this is the time now and you have to think about this all. Hasmukh asks Ashish to attend the party. Ashish is still worried for Avni and Asha but Hasmukh gets him in the party. Avni saw him going in the party venue.

Ali and Avni reach there and Ali says to Avni that we can eat the tasty food here. They lie to the guards and gets in the party. Avni sees Ashish there and tries to talk to him but he is busy with the reporters. Ali goes to take the food and guards catch him. Avni comes to defend her and the guard tell Ashish that these kids come to steal the food. He is about to slap Avni but Ashish stops him and says to step back. He starts beating the guard.

Hasmukh makes Ashish stop and says him to control. The reporter asks Ashish that did he know the girl. Hasmukh asks him to say no and Ashish tells the same. Avni gets shocked by this and leaves. Ashish goes behind her to search her. He then comes to Asha and asks about Avni. Avni is really sad on the other side. Asha tells Ashish that Avni is asking the meaning of Najayas and then she left the house.

In today’s episode, we are going to see that Avni says to Ashish that he is not her father. She then asks him to go and stay with his mother. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Naamkaran like this.

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