New Serial Naamkaran 16th September 2016 Written Episode: Asha Gets Disappointed

Asha gets up and thinks of Ashish. She remembers their happy moments and applies sindoor. She goes to make Poha. She thinks Ashish will come and starts imagining that he has come and he took her to dining table. They both sits. Then she hugs that photo of Ashish. Avni goes to school. Ali says i want to ask onw thing.

Naamkaran-Serial-imagesShe says tell me. He asks what if your father will not come. She says he will come. Ali says for a chance if he will not come then i have an idea. We can call a person who will be a junior artist and he will be as your father in race. She says no my Dad will come. Ali says if you will lose your bet then you will have to give your tree house to her. Race begins and then Tia and Avni takes part in.

Tia wins the race. Then Avni becomes heart broken and Tia calls her loser. Avni runs and goes in class. Ali scolds Tia and says where is Avni. Tia calls him friend of Loser. Ali gets angry and snatches her food. He runs. He goes to class and searches Avni. Avni sits under bench.

He crawls from bench to bench and say why you hid here and i am so fat and think how will i manage to crawl. He asks her to see that girl who came last in race and still she is eating food in canteen. He asks her to cheer up as she came second. Avni says no its not about coming first or second and everybody remembers first and not second. It is about that my dad didnot come.

Aasha gets call of Ashish. Ashish says sorry Ashudi i cannot come as Hemant was unwell and i had to go to hospital. She asks how is he. He tells he is fine. Ashish asks you are upset. She says no i am not upset.

He tells i will come after returning from Kashmir and then we will meet. Hemant says he has some secret and not to tell Neela. He says he has brain tumor.Hemant says he has only one dream that his Neela will be married in their home. Daya says i have promised you and she will be my daughter in law

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