Ashish Tells The Truth! Naamkaran 18th October 2016 Written Updates & Full Recap


In the last episode of Naamkaran, we had seen that Ashish is on a bench on the roadside and gets a call from Dayaben. She asks Ashish to come back home soon as the pooja is now started. Ashish tells her that he is just coming in some time. On the other side, Avni wakes up and saw Asha offering Namaz. She asks Asha to open the door. Asha does the same and Avni ask her that why did she offer Namaz by shutting the door.

She asks Asha that she don’t need to do so from today. Asha then offers Namaz and Avni looks on at her. She then asks Asha that what did she pray to the lord. Asha says that I ask for some wishes from him. Avni holds her hands and says that she should not ask for the wish to lord which is impossible. She says that Lord had done many things for us and we should understand her helplessness in some situations. She goes and asks Asha to make dosa for her.


Ashish comes back to home and everyone gets tensed to see his dirty clothes. He goes to his room and Dayaben asks her to get ready. Ashish goes to Dayaben and says that he loves her a lot and want a wish that she must accept Asha and Avni. Dayaben neglects and says that this can’t be possible in this life. She says that I will not let them both destroy my house. Ashish then shows her Asha’s and Avni’s pic and says that he had to get the both here a long before.

Dayaben gets shocked at this and takes the pics. She burns the pic and Ashish get shocked. All the family members get shocked to know about his link up and Dayaben says that she had taken a decision and she will not change it. Ashish gets aimed at this and says that now I will not stay here too.

Dayaben looks on at Ashish at this. In today’s episode, we are going to see that Ashish come to Avni and apologize to her. He says that she is not illegitimate but her father is illegitimate. Avni and Asha look on at him and cries. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Naamkaran like this.

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