Naamkaran 19th November 2016 Written Episode Updates Online: Daya Says Why Avni Met Neela

Asha and everyone plays. Someone knocks the door. That boy comes with a flower. Fathima asks him to go out of the house. She asks who are you. He says i am solver of every problem. He tries to impress her but Fathima asks Tiku to make this boy out of the house. Boy wishes happy birthday to Tiku. Asha asks who are you. Boy sees Asha and admires her. He gives her rose. Avni takes rose and says dont look in his eyes. Asha asks who are you. Avni says he is crack pot. He says whatsup dude. She does not reply. He starts saying that he wants tea.

NaamkaranFathima asks how you know this boy. She says i saw him in award ceremony. Boy tells about that Avni wants to be famous and i am offering her to participate in world fashion show and if she will win then she will be known worldwide. Fathima says how you know she will win. He starts flaunting and says look at her and she is so confident. Asha says i am not interested and asks him to go. He says i am waiting and i want tea. Avni says get out. He goes. Everyone thinks. Ketan says we want six children and last girl is not found yet.

Malhotra says we will find. Ketan says the one who will win this show that will be superstar. Malhotra says no problem. Ashish comes. Malhotra greets him. He says congrats to him. Daya calls Ketan. Ketan says everything is fine. Ashish talks to Daya. Ashish says maa has said that Ashish will be see all arrangements personally. Ashish says i will see designs and we will discuss tomorrow. Malhotra goes. Ashish aska why you are sad Ketan. Asha gets angry on boy and boy shouts he wants jam bread. Avni says if fashion show is happening then why cant i try. Asha says no you will concentrate on your studies. Tiku says i think boy is not mad and we should allow Avni. Boy starts admiring Fathima. Avni requests and Asha agrees

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