Naamkaran 19th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Video: Ashish Gets A Call From Dayaben


In the last episode of Naamkaran, we had seen that Ashish gets aimed and says that he will not stay at home for more. Dayaben looks at this and Ashish goes to take his stuff. Ashish’s sister and brother come to make him understand and says that he is leaving his family because of an unknown. Ashish says that they are not unknown to me, they are my family and they need my support. His brother then says that if anything will happen to mom by this then he will not forgive him.

NaamkaranHe leaves and Ashish gets angry. He then takes his stuff and gets down. He goes to take blessings from Dayaben but she refuses to bless him. Ashish greets everyone and then leaves from there. Dayaben then says to the family members that this incident should be kept inside the house. Ketan then says that what we will answer to Hemant. Dayaben says that we have to tell him the truth. Hasmukh says maa is right here.

In the house, Asha is making Avni ready for the school. Avni notices Asha’s sadness and asks her that did she missing papa. Asha nods and then change her words. Avni asks Asha to promise her that they will not hide anything from each other. She then hugs her and Asha goes to take her tiffin. Then Ashish comes there and asks Avni to forgive her father. Avni cries and Asha gets shocked to see Ashish there. Ashish talks to Avni and says that he had come for them and will leave with them. Avni takes a promise from him and hugs him.

Dayaben  and Ketan meet Hemant. Hemant greets them and Dayaben says that she have to talk to him. Leela comes there and greets Dayaben. Hemant then says to Leela that she is so lucky to have a mother like Dayaben. Dayaben asks them to get the marriage date. Ketan looks on at this and they leave. Ketan asks Dayaben that why didn’t she tell the truth. Dayaben says that she don’t want to break her trust and will get Ashish back.

In today’s episode, we are going to Avni introducing her father to the neighbors. Then Dayaben calls Ashish and ask that is he fine or not. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Naamkaran like this.

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