Naamkaran 19th September 2016 Written Episode Updates Video Recap: Avni Slaps Nannu


Avni aska if Asha has eaten something. She says i will eat later. Avni gives her milk and asks to finish as small baby is hungry too. Asha gives her tiffin. Avni kisses her and goes. Ashish goes to maa. He asks you are fine. She says i am fine as you are my son. She stops car and sees poor people. She starts crying. He asks what happened. She tells that we also used to live like this but if Hemant bhai would not have been there then they will be living on footpath. Ashish and maa reaches hospital. He sees no one there. Then he appears under bed. Ashish asks what are you doing here.

NaamkaranDaya touches his feet. Hemant says Ashish is talented and tells good things in his films. Daya asks when will you discharge. He says he does not know doctors are saying that we will observe you. Hemant eats oily food and she asks why you are eating this. A girl comes and says statue. Hemant stops. She asks where were you Ashish. She says she cannot forget him. She says Her dad eats things like this. She asks him to help them to change curtains. She says her father is child. Ashish says he has flight. She says let him go as he would have to meet someone.

Hemant says he called them as he wants Ashish for his Neela. Ashish gets sad. Ashish thinks about Asha. Hemant asks what happened and i am not forcing you and you should think. Daya says this is called god father as you are giving and asking as if you are begging. Neela says this is not fair as marriage is between us. Neela takes Him out and says thank you for breaking my heart. She always dreamt that one day her prince charming will come and he spoiled it. She shouts.

Ashish asks what happened and why are you shouting. She says i am like this from childhood. She laughs. Ashish says you are so good. She says if i am good then why you were surprised to hear wedding stuff. She asks him to leave. She asks do you have any girl in your life. He says yes.

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