Naamkaran 1st October 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap Video: Ashish Gets Shocked


Avni and Ali talks. Avni says i will pray. Ali says see Kia is also praying. He says god will listen to whom. Hetal gets call of Daya. She says what is surprise. Hasmukh asks what surprise. She says i dont know but maa called us home. Hasmukh calls someone. He calls Ashish. He tells that there is something and Daya has planned something. Ashish says thing happened what i was scared of. Hasmukh says Daya will never forgive you. Ashish says nothing like that as maa is not angry and accepted Asha and Avni from heart. Hasmukh says its so good and every problem has solved. Hasmukh sees his wife and says i am bored of my wife. Diksha becomes angry on him.

NaamkaranShe says whom you were talking to. He shows him phone. Avni talks to Asha. She asks if two people will ask for one thing from god then whom god will listen to. She says god will listen to them who will pray from heart. Asha says pray from heart and sleep. Avni gets ready and searches shoes. Avni sees Asha in saree and kisses her that she wore favourite saree. Asha asks Avni to eat something. She szys no i will not eat as today is my race. Avni calls Ashish. Asha says dont call Ashish as he will be in flight. Avni prays that she needs trophy. They gets ready and asks Ali to come. Ali’s mother comes and asks for him. Ali hides.

Asha asks her to come with them. Avni asks where is Nannu and Tiku. Fathimaa comes. They cheers for Avni. She brings tempo. Asha asks why you came with tempo. Fathimaa says we all want to go to same place and we will go in this. They all sits in tempo. They all comes to place. Daya does pooja. Everyone asks what is special today. It was written that Ashish and Neela. Dyaa says i am going to follow my promise. She ssys i will not lose from that girl and i will.make Ashish to engage with Neela. Avni and family goes in tempo. Daya takes Ashish from airport

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