Naamkaran 20th March 2017 Written Updates: Avni’s plan to trap Dayaben!

Naamkaran 20th March 2017 Written Updates: Avni's plan to trap Dayaben!

Naamkaran is going on with a much interesting track where Avni is all set to take the revenge from Dayaben. She gets the place in Dayaben’s heart and in her house as well. Now she is concentrating on breaking up the family and also wants to make Dayaben realise that what she had done with her in the past was much cruel.

In the last episode of Naamkaran, we had seen that Shweta puts allegations Dayaben when the bangles get fall from her purse. She tells everyone that Dayaben is the thief or she had done all this to insult them. Dayaben stands there in shock and Shweta keep on badmouthing against her. She says that Dayaben doesn’t think good for them and hence they are canceling the engagement. This lets Dayaben in shock. Neil tries to make Shweta understand but she leaves the house.

Riya cries at this but Neil makes her understand and gets angry on Avni. Avni then about to leave the house saying that she have no right to say anything. Dayaben stops her and thanks her for saving her image. Avni then tells Dayaven that it might be someone from the family who had done this.

Later on, Avni tells Neela that she had placed her first step and no one can stop her to ruin the Dayaben’s empire Dayaben on the other side thinks on Avni and then goes to Diksha. She asks Diksha to tell why she had done all this and tries to kill her getting angry. Neil in his house tries to make Shweta and his father understand. He then gets a doubt of Avni thinking that Avni was the only stranger at that moment.

In today’s episode of Naamkaran, we are going to see that Avni will again go back to meet Dayaben. Neil will also come to meet Dayaben to find the truth behind the bangle incidence. Dayaben will get shocked to read her name in the newspaper as Dayaben the bangle thief. She will then thinks on that who had to tell about this to media and Avi will say that people should know this. Dayaben and Avni will get shocked on Avni’s words. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Naamkaran like this.

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