Naamkaran 23rd September 2016 Written Episode: Asha Is Ready To Sacrifice Her Career

Ashish says you can do this Aisha. She looks at him. He asks her to take the first step. She gives her hand in his hand. They both goes down hill. Aisha gives a perfect shot then. Ashish claps for her. Then everybody claps. She becomes happy. Ashish looks at Aisha. They both spends time with each other.  They both starts feeling for each other.  They get intimate. Ashish says love is a spirit that makes you smile for no reason. Kashmir was same but everything was different. He was drowned in love. He says those moments were so beautiful.

He says now he was living life with Asha. He says life goes to change destiny but in film industry only three hours are sufficient. They both sees and visitors comes out and takes autograph of Asha. He says Asha and her family’s life changed completely. He says his picture was a superhit. But destiny changed. He eats breakfast.  Daya asks him to eat more. Ashish says I will eat properly.  He asks how are you maa. She says yes I am fine. Somebody comes and he says no one placed me for driver’s post. Ashish asks his brother that what happened.

He says he is a Muslim and we cannot appoint him. He slaps his brother. Daya says what are you doing.  Days says she made this house and every brick is her. She says I cannot let A Muslim to come in this house. Ashish says you did hard work and he also wants to do work. Daya gets stressed and says no Muslim will come.  Ashish says sorry to that person and says I will do something for you surely.

He says no matter but I don’t want any fights in your house because of me. Ashish gets tensed. Ashish sees a poster of Asha. Ashish sister’s husband says in that house your mother does not bear Muslim and you want to make Asha as your bride and take her to home. Ashish says give me a suggestion. He says leave Asha. Ashish says no she will break. He says you made her life and many people will be ready to company her. He says success changes everybody.

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