Naamkaran 29th September 2016 Written Episode Updates: Daya Denies To Change Rules


Daya goes go temple. She cries and says my son is not mine now. She says Hemant is asking for my son. She cries and asks what should she do. Ashish calls Daya. She says till when maa will not tell her way then she will not go. She sits down on ground. Daya sleeps in the temple. Avni does exercise. Asha asks Avni to take the shower otherwise, she will miss her bus. Avni thinks I cannot lose this race. Asha takes her. Avni talks to Ganesh. She smiles and says Papa will.come for sure. Asha kisses her. Then she sees someone is calling her.


Daya comes home and goes in her room. She was in miserable position. She thinks a lot. She calls Ashish. He says where were you. Daya says I was in the temple. Ashish says for the whole night. Daya says yes she slept there and asks how are you. Ashish says I am fine. He asks if you read my email. She says yes I read it and went to saw your world.

She says I have seen what you did. Daya asks why you took so long, to tell the truth. She says I will make you cock in front of Asha and Avni. Daya says if you would have told me before and you took the burden from eleven years. Ashish says I was afraid and never gathered the courage to tell you.

He says whenever I tried then felt bad. He says if I knew that you will forgive me then I will not do that. Daya says no matter go ahead. She asks when will you come. Ashish says I am coming I am missing you. Daya says I need you. Ashish says I love you more than anything. Daya says I have to prepare for your new life. She cuts the phone.

Asha gets call of Ashish. Ashish says everything stopped here and he shouts i am so happy and now our dreams will be fulfilled. Ashish tells that Daya knows everything and she is so great. He tells he thought that maa will beat me and become angry from me. Asha says then. Ashish tells she said nothing but she agreed from our relation. Asha tells allah and thanks

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