Naamkaran 30th September 2016 Written Episode Online Updates: Avni Prays Bappa To Send Ashish


Ashish makes film and says he wants old relations. Malhotra becomes angry. Avni talks to Ali. She decides who will come in party. Alia says you missed Kia and you should call her in party and see her bad face. Ali says she is so mean. Avni says yes. Ali says food should be good and i want food. Avni says my papa will arrange good food and my papa have big car than Kia’s father. She says we will go in our car for ice cream. Ali says yes your dad is Mr India and he will fulfill all our dreams. Ali asks if Ashok kaka will come. Ashok taunts his wife that he will not go in sports day of Avni. Tai says man can do anything and woman cannot do anything. She says you are breaking heart of Avni and thats why god did not give us children.

NaamkaranAshok goes to her and says don’t be sad. He says fine i will come but for some time. She gets happy. Doctor says we should tell Neela about your disease. Hemant says we cannot tell her as she will not live happily and will not marry. Doctor says that Neela is educated and she will get to know about this and see reports. Hemant says lets do one thing change the report and write that this tumor is not dangerous. Doctor says i cannot do wrong with my profession. He says do one favour on me. Neela comes and says which favour. Doctor says Hemant wants to dance in your engagement but i am not allowing.

Neela says no you will not do this. Daya calls Ashish and asks when he is coming. He says he will come at 10:00am and then he will go to Avni’s school. Daya becomes angry but tries to hide that and smiles. She talks to her another son and says tomorrow is engagement of Ashish and Neela and i have not tell this to anyone. She asks him not to tell Hetal also. He says i will arrange everything and you should not worry. Ashish calls Asha. He says you were searching phone. She says yes. Ashish says don’t worry now you will not have to search phone as whenever i will miss you then i will come to home from front door. He says sorry that he did not give any rights to them. She sits and cries. Ashish says now you are crying

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