Naamkaran 3rd October 2016 Written Episode Online Updates Video: Avni Runs In Race


Daya takes Ashish. Ashish asks why we came here. Days says when we came in this city then we started our journey from here. Avni asks why Dad didnot come. Ashish says please do early as we have to reach School. Daya says dont worry we will reach. Ashish says we need to go as Avni’s anger is like you. Avni sees chair on which Ashish will sit. Avni asks if Dad will.come. asha says he will come for sure. Avni says ok. Asha asks her to concentrate on race. Hasmukh asks why Daya is too late. Ashish and Daya reaches temple. Hasmukh calls Ashish. He thinks he is trapped now. Ashish doesnot picks the call.

NaamkaranAvni gets ready for the race. Hasmukh thinks no one can save Ashish now. Kia taunts Avni and says your father is not going to come. Daya asks do you remember anything. Ashish says we spent many nights in this temple. Daya asks so how you went so far. Ashish says sorry. Daya says no need to say sorry i will solve your problem. Daya asks Ashish to promise that whatever she will say then he will do. Daya says she came here after reading his letter and she was asking lord why Ashish left me and what was my fault. Lord tells me that you can repay loan but not favour. Ashish asks what. She says she was sitting on road and i have faced so many problems.

She says many men tried to harm me but my maa saved me and sent Hemant brother to save me. She says if Hemant would not have gave me money then i would not have built so big buisness. She says we cannot repay his favour so he has to marry Neela and today is engagement. Ashish gets shocked. Daya shouts why dont you understand as Hemant will not live many days and his last wish to see Neela married to you. Ashish says what you want that i will ditch Asha. Daya says you are ditching your mother from eleven years. Ashish says i cannot do this and you please calm down. Daya says dont need to explain. She says because of you i am feeling ashamed of you.

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