Naamkaran 5th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap: Avni Wants To Meet Ashish


Avni runs home. Asha follows her and says papa will come. She cries and plucks flower from vase. She goes to portrait of Ashish. She goes in wardrobe and locks herself. She plucks out all the petals of flower. She asks why you broke promise papa. She cries badly. Asha goes to wardrobe. Asha asks open door Avni. She asks to reply. Avni asks why papa didnot come. She says why you did so. Asha sits along wardrobe and cries. Ashish comes out from engagement. Avni listens he is calling. Ashish says he wanted to come. Ashish asks if she is upset. Asha says i will convince her. Ashish says i will tell her.

NaamkaranHe asks to give her phone. Asha says she locked herself in cupboard. He asks her to turn on the speaker and go to cupboard. He says Avni my superstar and my child please forgive me as i promised you and didnot come. He says whatever you will punish me i am agreed.he asks her to eat something. Daya asks where is Ashish. Hasmukh says he was here but i dont know. Asha cries and says papa is saying sorry. Daya listens Ashish calling and saying please forgive me and eat something. He says i cannot live without you and i will not repeat this again. He says i will come for dinner and bring ice cream tub. He says please forgive me. He says i will come. Asha says i will wait.

Daya goes to him. Daya asks why are you shocked. Ashish says Avni is sad. Daya says you are not at mistake and Asha has asked Avni to do so as she wants you to come to her. Ashish says she is not like this and she cannot do this. Daya says you are addicted. Ashish says why you say like this. Daya says i am wife of Vaid thats why. Daya says that dancer has trapped you. Ashish says she was actor. Daya asks him to come home. Hetal asks Neela to come home for dinner. Daya gives money to Neela and asks to go on dinner. Neela says lets go. Asha asks Avni to open door. Hetal asks are you okay Ketan. Ashish goes out at 7:00pm. Ashish goes to house. His mother comes.

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