Naamkaran 7th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Star Plus: Avni Shouts On Ashish


Daya asks Ashish to go to Neela. Daya says do everything calmly and not to tell Neela about Hemant otherwise Neela will be destroyed. She asks him to go and god has given you chance to return favour. Fathima calls Asha. Asha says Avni is sad. Fathima says you broke my trust when you held hand of Ashish. Fathima says i want to talk to Avni. She says no you are drunk. Asha says i am keeping phone. Asha cuts call. Fathima becomes angry and says lets go to her house. She cries that Ashish destroyed my daughter’s life. She says i cannot see her like this and Ashish is cheater. She asks Tiku to call Avni.

NaamkaranShe says i want to talk to Avni. Asha says Ashish loves you and he is coming. Asha says you can ask why he didnot come. Avni doesnot say anything. She says you sleep mom and Dad will not come. Neela stands in rain. Neela asks how is all this and weather is so romantic. He says this is your favourite restraurent. He asks what will you have. Neela says thank you so much to fulfill my dream. She says you are so unromantic and how you became romantic film director. She says i had dream to marry you. Ashish sayz why you didnot tell me that you loves me. She says first i wanted you to become successful director.

Ashish says if i have affair with any woman. Neela says listen and how can it happen and i was watching on you and read many gossip magazines and your heroine Aisha. He says if that was not a rumour. Neela becomes shocked. She takes up fork and says i will kill you. Then she laughs and says i am kidding. Neela says i cried thinking of you. She ssys i really miss you. She holds hand of Ashish and confesses her love. Everyone claps for performance. He says Neela and Ashish are engaged now. He says Neela has arranged same decorations as fifteen years before. She relives all the moments. She wears jacket like him

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