Naamkaran 8th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Video: Dayaben Kicks Ashish Out Of The House


Ashish becomes sad. He looks towards Neela. He goes to her. Ashish says i am not feeling well. Neela asks him to sit. Neela says we will cancel the dinner and go home. She cancels the order. She says i will drop you. Neela says i will drop you. Ashish says no i will go. Ashish says this is mine date also and i will drop you after dinner. She asks waiter to bring order. Neela becomes happy and says many things are there. She says i love you so much. Everyone talks about Hemant. They says they are cute as they party in hospital also. Hetal breaks glass. Her daughter taunts her.

NaamkaranDaya comes and asks if Ashish didnot come. Ketan asks are you ok maa. She says yes. Daya asks where is Hasmukh. She asks Diksha to ask Hasmukh that she wants to meet him. Asha goes to Avni and says i will help you to make candystick house. Avni doesnot says anything. Asha gets sad. She says we should not do like this. Ashish comes. He was so sad. He goes in. Asha hugs her. Ashish says i am sorry. Asha asks why are you saying sorry. Ashish says i would have come before. Asha asks Ashish to talk to Avni and she is so upset. Asha closes all windows. Ashish asks where is my superstar. He goes and kisses her.

He asks you are angry of me. He says i broke promise but i am sorry. He asks her to forgive him. Avni goes to sleep. She keeps pillow on her. Ashish says you are so angry. He says please forgive me. Avni doesnot listens. He asks Asha to help him. Asha says Dad is saying sorry and please listen to him. He takes out pillow. Avni gets out from there. Ashish says i am proud of you. He takes her trophy. He says please forgive me and i will do anything you will say. Ashish says tell me what you want and i will get that. Avni doesnot says anything. Ashish says superstar wants to punish me. Ashish says i will run or else i will do sit ups. He do sits up. Avni asks you will give what i want.

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