‘Narcos’ Season 3: Latest Updates By Netflix About Awaiting Drug War, Colombia And Pablo’s Son Grievances


The first season of Netflix original ‘Narcos’ was of the span of 15 years of Pablo Escobar’s life. Pablo Escobar ‘s life is portrayed by actor Wagner Moura. Many disclosures were made about his life’s end in the concluding episode of season 2. Narcos season three will start without his story.

The series is named as ‘Narcos’ and not as ‘ Pablo Escobar’ so that other ‘Narcos’ with their stories can be introduced. Spoilers for season three have been released and viewers are trying to find out jump off of next story of Pablo Escobar’s life. In season two, obsessives were made to Cali Cartel ,created by Miguel Rodriguez, Gilberto Orejuela, Helmer ‘Pancho’ Herrera and Jose ‘cheap’ Santacruz-Londono. The fourth man of Cartel’s executive board , Jose ‘Chepe’ Santacruz-Londono is yet to be introduced in the series. Cali Cartel is different from Pablo Escobar as reported by ‘Hollywood Reporter’. Cali Cartel has a direct influence to Colombia’s presidency.

narcos-season-3After season 2 wrapped up on the friday Netflix announced renewal order of season 3 and 4. It is to see who will be the next drug lord in season 3. Escobar was attacked colombian Special Forces at the end of season.

Narcos season 3 will be without Wagner Moura , leader of Medellin Cartel. The death of Medellin Cartel resulted in the rise of Cali Cartel. It is also responsible for Mexican Cartel. The Cali Cartel was most responsible for the cocaine boom in Mexico.It is more lucrative than heroine.

narcos-season-3It is anticipated that Cali Cartel will bring another powerful drug lords in the name of Helmer ‘Pacho’ Herrera and Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela. Cali Cartel had bigger organisation and had influence in Colombia’s presidency in 1994.eason 1 and 2 of the ‘Narcos’ series is still up on Netflix.The trailer of Narcos season 3 is available on you tube. It has already earned the 488 thousand views till now.

narcos-season-3-newsThe third season is still a year away. But Netflix has released the trailer too early  to announce the new character after the end of Pablo Escobar in season 2. The Cali Cartel made its debut in ‘Narcos’ season 2. The Cali Cartel will take the centre stage.  The Cali Cartel had bigger organisation and have control over the military, financial and legal institutions.

Cali Cartel was instrumental in the end of Pablo Escobar. Escobar was most of the times outlaw but Cali Cartel was very much part of a system. Unfortunately, The Cali Cartel will end up with the same fate as Pablo Escobar. Narcose season 3 will focus its story on to topple down the Cali Cartel and will move on to Mexican Cartel for season 4.

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