‘Narcos’ Season 3: The Rising Of Pablo’s Successor “Cali Cartel” Premiere Episode Synopsis


‘Narcos’ season 2 which has ended the season with a question mark about who will go to become the next kingpin in the series and to take over this whole huge business of Drugs. While the last season showcases the downfall of the very renown, famous yet dangerous kingpin, Pablo Escobar, who is also the leader of Medellin’s Cartel and the fans were left with the avery question which is quite usual that who will go to be the next big Kingpin in the series.

The story which is based around one of world’s largest Kingpin Pablo Escobar who is also the deadliest person alive and leader of Medellin’s cartel.

narcos-season-3-newsThe series was started with the story that how he manages to stand on his will and created a huge empire with the help of his family, while the second season showcases that how his relations and his friend’s connection led to his downfall in the series.

So here’s the full synopsis of the upcoming third season which is all set to premiere in the 2017, but will not going to count the main lead in the two series, Pablo Escobar which is being played by Wagner Moura in ‘Narcos’ season 3 because he was actually dead in the second and the show is not about superhumans or marvels who will go to bring back the character through some miracle or by some superpower.

Through the Pablo’s Infamous Medellin Cartel is all over now, season 3 is going to showcase the story around the rising of a new cartel Kingpin which will as expectedly going to replace the legendary Kingpin.

narcos-season-3The whole story of the Upcoming episode is not all out but some news and synopsis which is out, tells that the story will going to showcase the revelation and rising of Successor of Pablo Escobar and will go to get featured in the whole series, as told in the earlier news that the upcoming season will go to showcase  Cali cartel along with Helmer “Pacho” and Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela will replace Escobar on the next season.

Here’s The official Trailer of The Upcoming Episodes of Narcos Season 3:

The end of season 2 created a very great hype as the fans got to see the rising drug trade and international demand which is on the verge to become the most successful business than anything in the world, while Cali cartel will going to get vanished as Jorge Salcedo with his CIA team is planning to take down Cali Cartel.

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