‘Narcos’ Season 3: Upcoming Revelation About Cali Cartel Reign, With Return Of Los Pepes & Agent Pena


As the news and updates about the upcoming season of Narcos are getting stronger, the highlights of the upcoming season have begun to take place towards the fans and viewers. While the season will going to show Cali Cartel reigning in “Narcos” Season 3.

The involvement in the system by the group will go to make the transaction looks legal as it is hard for the authorities. It seems that Cali Cartel will go to showcase what they have got in the upcoming season. The news was later confirmed by the Eric Newman who shares in the same report, which will go to highlight the difference between Pablo Escobar And the Cali Cartel for the upcoming season 3rd.

cali-cartelWhile the only difference between them is their surroundings, because Pablo was always surrounded by people who actually love and care for him, while the Cali Cartel is protected by a political and economic system and the biggest thing is that the system is made by himself.

The Cali Cartel seems to be quite a different guy and this nature of his is confirmed by his operations and methods to do them, while his working ways seems to be like of a terrorist like and he always keeps Lawyers, businessman and other professionals as his member and this season will go to show how he becomes one.

This also raises one more question on the series that Los Pepos will go to have a comeback as his return is very much speculated in this season, the thing must be remembered that Cali Cartel used the Los Pepes in their operations, and their together operation has led to Pablo Escobar’s demise.

After the death of Pablo Escobar, the Los Pepes are supposed to cease their operations from finding the kingpin. However, they have been restored by the Columbian government.

los-peposThe series might have lost the main lead Pablo Escobar but this doesn’t mean that the show will go to get stopped as now that Pablo Escobar is dead there is another big drug syndicate that will continue to rule the Narco business.

Escobar is dead now, DEA Agent Pena which is being portrayed by Pedro Pascal is going to returns to the United States as he is invited back for a new yet secret operation.

agent-penaIt is clear that the fans of the series may see Agent Pena again in “Narcos” Season 3. However, there is n confirmation on getting back Agent Pena to the series since the show is based on real-life events.

“Narcos” Season 3 will be going to Air in 2017. Fans and followers can view Season 2 on Netflix

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