‘Narcos’ season 3: Updates Shows ‘Paquita la del Barrio’ Singing & Pablo’s Ending in Latest Teaser By Netflix


Narcos is a famous American crime web television series created and produced by Chris Brancato, Carlo Bernard, and Doug Miro. The new teaser for “Narcos” has been released is focused on featuring Damian Alcazar as the head of the Cali cartel, Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela.

After watching latest promo video fans still want to know if Javier Peña would still appear in the third season of “Narcos” In the first two seasons, the character was very much instrumental, which explored drug kingpin Pablo Escobar’s life. In the teaser, the Mexican star Paquita la Del Barrio sings a song dedicated to Pablo Escobar’s in evil ways. However, from the Audience Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela(Damian Alcazar) sits and watches her performance. It was already set by the show’s producers that character will be one of the central subjects in the Narcos season 3 along the Cali Cartel.

pablo-escobarTake a look what happens when Paquita la del Barrio realizes that who is listening to her in the audience . Viewers of Narcos expressed that the upcoming season is not exciting to watch as the installments that featured Pablo Escobar. return back of Javier Peña making curiosity in the viewers who is played by Pedro Pascal in Naco’s.

As it shown in season 2 Peña was assigned to Escobar case by DEA, yet the agency called him back from Colombia even before the Drug kingpin was arrested . though Peña remained in the service until 2014,it is unclear that he had any participation in the hunt down of Cali Cartel that positioned itself in the Drug Trade after Escobar’s death.

According to the Debrief ,the real life Javier Peña had confirmed that he didn’t take part in the case against the Cali Cartel. yet the season 2 has a different take as it provided an open for the character to come back in the next season.

Narcos season 3

narcos-season-3The executive producer Eric Newman said that the show doesn’t take the dramatic license in telling stories it is based on factual events,so it seems to be possible that Javier Peña could be returned for season 3 Naco’s.

Here’s The Teaser of the Netflix:

It should look that what Peña roles in the ali,in taking down Cali”Newman told Entertainment Weekly that I’m loved to work with Pedro Pascal, so nothing makes me happier than to back in business with him in some way. He added the first and the second season of Narcos still streaming on Netflix . the show has been renewed for a third and fourth season coming in 2017

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