NASA Found Alien Life Form On Jupiter’s Moon Europa? Public Unveiling On 26th September


NASA always comes up with new findings of life form on Mars but this time, it is Jupiter’s moon Europa. NASA may have found the alien life form on Jupiter’s moon Europa.

europa-jupitar-moonU.S. space agency announced that they will present the new findings of Jupiter’s icy moon. The announcement of these findings is scheduled on September 26. These findings are based on the images captured by the Hubble Space telescope.

Jupiter has 67 known moons and out of these 67 moons, NASA has already labelled Europa to most likely place to host alien life in the solar system. And now scientist finally revealed that they found signs of life on the moon which are not at all surprising.

To be clear, NASA has already made it clear that they did not find/discover aliens on Europa.

In December 2012, Hubble space telescope spotted water vapour plumes in the space. These plumes are extended about 120 miles in the space from Europa’s south pole. These plumes grew excitement when discovered as a robotic probe now can sample Europa ocean without even land on the surface of the moon.

The existence of these plumes means that it makes easier for scientists to investigate the habitable potential of Europa. Instead of sending probes which would drill through the thick ice shell of Europe, scientists only need to analyse the chemical content of these plumes.

Earlier this year, additional evidence that the Europe can host alien life was found by researchers. Planetary scientist Kevin Hand, from NASA’s Jet propulsion Laboratory(JPL), and colleagues reported in Geophysical Research that ocean of Europa has similar chemical balance like the oceans of Earth.

Europa is believed to hold between two and three times the amount of water that is already present in the Earth’s ocean.

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