Nasa’s New Horizons Pass By Pluto As Per The Plan

New Horizons have made a mark in history regarding the closest flyby on July 14 2015 by orbiting Pluto safely and soundly.

Alice Bowman, mission operation manager for New Horizons, is all ears according to the space craft activities and says that this mission had been the best and fruitful one till now.

She was overwhelmed over the fact that everything went according to the plan and with a 9 and a half years after the launch of the aircraft, this day is the day of getting the pay outs.

With around 9000 kms above the Pluto’s surface, the air craft had been zooming past it around a speed of 30,800 mph.

Nasa's New Horizons Pass By Pluto

Scientists suggest that the mission is still not over. New Horizons will look for gas rings, dust and plasma as it slowly ventures out in the Kuiper belt.

With the set of 8 instruments backed up on deck, it can easily check out for different atmospheric conditions and even send the reports back home but at a slight delay.

Alice Bowman had admitted that she went through a period of deep depression when the space craft stop communicating with the station from around 8.17 pm in the evening. Later on the images and the reports produced a heap of relief when communicating again at 5.52 pm.

The data directly is not sent to the Earth Communicators but it is received via the 3 meter long antennae present at NASA’s space station.

NASA is looking for sending the spacecraft another billion mile for studying three different Kuiper objects that are strolling by. According to the scientists, New Horizons have been fuelled with plutonium that can eventually help the space craft make a journey till the end of 2030.

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