Nathan Jones Join Raghav: Dance Plus 2 31st July Episode Sunday Performances

dance plus 2

Dance Plus+ 2 is one of the most amazing dance competition reality show of the Indian television. It is one of the best dance show of Indian television which have a large number of admirers. Team of Dance Plus+ 2 goes every year to the many biggest cities of India in search of the new dance forms and the talent of dancers who just got neglected by the real world. Dance Plus+ 2 is going so good now a days and having a large number of fan following as dance is one of the most amazing thing and everyone love it.

dance plus 2

Here in the last episode we had saw the amazing superstar of Bollywood Tiger Shroff who is one of the most finest actor and dancer as well of the Bollywood film industry. Tiger visited the set of Dance Plus+ 2 for promotion of his upcoming film A Flying Jatt. Which is going to release soon on the big screens. Dance Plus+ 2 is one of the show who is having a large fan following so more of the film makers and the actors visits the set of the show Dance Plus+ 2 to spread the name of their film worldwide.

Tiger Shroff enjoyed a lot on the set of Dance Plus+ 2 and he really loved the performances which have done on the set of Dance Plus+ 2. He had given his blessings and his  tips as well to the dancers. On the other hand more of the contestants had requested Tiger to show is abs to the audience. In the very starting Tiger tried to neglect the need but later on naught Tiger just took off his shirt. And he put one condition to all the participants that if they all will do the same then only he will show his abs.

Finally he took off his shirt off and had generated a lot of fans for him. Dance Plus+ 2 is going so good now a days and Tiger have a great time there on the set of Dance Plus+ 2 as He had convince the audience to have a look on his upcoming film. Raghav had done all of his all of his nautanki which he do asusual. Overall the show was good and interesting. For more to know about Dance Plus+ 2 stay tuned with us.

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