Navaratri’s 2nd Day ‘Brahmacharini’: Know Everything About Second Goddess, Puja Vidhi, Mantra, Muhurat, Significance & History


India is known for its vast diversity and one of the many are Hindu religion which is celebrating its very famous and devotional festival which is related to the worship of one of the very devoted Hindu Diety Durga.

This whole festival consists of 10 days of which every single day is dedicated to 10 different incarnations of Durga, while the name of the festival is Navratri which means ‘Nine Nights’ and the meaning of this word in Sanskrit is nine nights. There are a lot of rituals which is being done through this nine-day and nine incarnations of the goddess are worshiped in nine different ways and with nine different methods while the motive for the playing remains the same, to impress and dedicate the precious prayers to the god.

maa-durgaDuring these nine nights and ten days, nine forms of Devi are worshipped. The tenth day is commonly referred to as Vijayadashami or “Dussehra” which is also spelled as Dasara in many languages. While Navaratri is a very important and major festival which is celebrated all over India and Nepal.

The celebrations didn’t get ended as the preparations for the Diwali begins which is the festival of lights and is celebrated exactly twenty days after Dasera. Though there are in total five types of Navaratri that come in a year, Sharad Navaratri is the most popular one.

Navratri commences on the first day (pratipada) of the bright fortnight of the lunar month of Ashwin. The festival is celebrated for nine nights once every year during the beginning of October, although as the dates of the festival are determined according to the lunar calendar, the festival may be held for a day more or a religion less.

The days have many rituals and many more special connections with the Hindus.

second-day-of-navratraToday is the second day of the Navratri and the second day is of Maa Brahmacharini, she is the second manifestation of Maa Durga who is worshiped on the second day of Navratri.

Here word “Brahm” refers to “Tapa”. So Brahmcharini means Tapa Charini – The one who perform Tapa or penance. It is Said that the “Vedas”, “Tatva” & “Tapa” are synonyms of word “Brahm”. The form of Brahmacharini is tremendously effulgent and extremely majestic.

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