Nawazuddin’s Raman raghav 2.0 Total Income Report At Box Office Collection

raman raghav

A movie which is based on a true and very horrifying story which will going to make your sine chilling to its base and have written in history of mankind saw very rarely. A person who is basically psycho and kills without no motive and revenge but because of his liking’s to kill human.

The film is inspired and is based upon a notorious serial killer who is known as Raman. He operates from Mumbai during the late 60s. The movie is not based totally upon him but it is about his life and the incidents which led him to this essentially but rather then using a regular weapon but using a regular steel rod to reduce human faces to severed and into broken skulls.

raman raghav

He was later caught by the Mumbai police and later confessed the crimes he had committed and with all the killings count. Raghav confessed to have committed 41 murders. He was sentenced to death by the Bombay High Court, but it was later changed to life imprisonment after his defense pleaded that he was mentally unstable of making even small conscious decisions and hence did not know that his acts were unlawful.

The movie has recorded all the scenes on the same place where they happened and all the things were as real as true to the knowledge of the officials who have given them the plot of story. The movie is released and has created quite a buzz among the audience and is successful in making people excited for their movie and the release has saw quite good amount of audience on the first day of release.

The movie ha done quiet a good business till now and has given his best shot in making their whole efforts to make it worth their hard-work.1st day Fri 1.10 cr, 2nd day Sat 1.40 cr, 3rd day Sun 1.48 cr, 4th day Mon 57 lacs, 5th day Tue 54 lacs, 6th day Wed 47 lacs. The Total collections of the movie till Wednesday is : ₹ 5.56 cr which is not well expected by the makers.

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