Nearby Red Dwarfs Could Reveal the Secrets of Planet Formation

An unbelievable discovery close to our solar system could challenge the current theories on the formation of planets.

Recently, scientists came across a collection of young red dwarf stars that may in future allow the astronomers to witness a completely new solar system.

Astronomers from The Australian National University (ANU) and UNSW Canberra discovered large discs of dust surrounding two of the stars. It may be a sign of planets in their formation stage.

The lead researcher, Dr Simon Murphy from the ANU Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics stated the discs they found are made up of the raw materials from which a planet is formed.

They were looking for stars that belonged to a different group and accidently came across this group of fascinating stars. It is believed that these stars are 10 million years old.

He also mentioned that nowadays these discs are hardly found around the stars as the planets have already been formed.

Nearby Red Dwarfs Could Reveal the Secrets of Planet Formation

The stars they found seem to be younger than the cluster, which means, the time taken by the planets to be formed is more when they are around red dwarf stars. Incidents like this are very rare when the objects are very young & close.

Dr. Murphy said the study of these stars can tell them not only how planets like Earth have been formed but other planets also that are formed around different stars.

There are more chances of finding a planet around a red dwarf star as they are commonly found in the galaxy.

This research was published in the monthly issue of Royal Astronomical Journal.

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