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Needhi Singh

Needhi Singh is one of upcoming Punjabi language pollywood film which is based on the crime thriller women focused. Needhi Singh is scheduled to be release tomorrow , its 22nd July 2016 and the film will be on the big screens. The film is directed by Jaivi Dhanda who had done many of the hit films in his career. Needhi Singh is produced by Inder Bhandaal and Sumeet Singh. The story of the film is based on the real life incident of  a village girl who’s name is Needhi Singh. This girl has faced many of the social estrangements and hardships. The story of the film is very interesting and giving a great message to the viewers.

Needhi Singh

It is the Punjabi film which is featuring the story of the village and where a village girl is playing the main leading character in the film. And it showed that how it is so different and strange to belongs to a region where a village girl is suffers a big issues and neglected by the others and got discriminated her rights from her birth in an unusual caste. Here Needhi Singh is a girl who always having a great confidence and she is a brave girl. Her family is so good and she is the favorite of all and her parents brought her up like their son.

But later on in the story their is a big twist and she has to face a lot of problems regarding her living and she had faced many typical situations. She always fights for her rights and never give up. All the related social evils always tries to make down her efforts but she didn’t lose her mind and continuing with her revenge she did so well. All the related music of Needhi Singh got released few days back and really loved by the audience. All the tracks and the music of the Needhi Singh is composed by Gurnazar, Kuwar Virk they both are great artists and having a great experience.

Many of their albums were launched and all of them got hit. The screenplay of the film Needhi Singh is done by Jaivi Dhanda and gaurav bhalla. The trailer of the film was released few day back from the official release of the film on the box office and it just nailed the screen and got viral on the various social media sites. Audience is eagerly waiting for the film. For more to know about the film stay tuned with us.

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