Neela Express Her Feeling For Ashish Naamkaran 24th September 2016 Online Updates

Asha goes to Ashish but he ignores her and goes. She waits in his office. Ashish goes home and her mother shows him the newspaper.  Fathima comes to Asha and asks why you returned signing amount of movie. She says I don’t want to do acting. Fathima says our testing brightened now and you are showing them a way to outside.

Fathima says what happened. Asha says I don’t want to do acting. Fathima says I know why you are doing this and this love is fake and she also gets nothing in love. Her father left her. Asha says Ashish is not like them.


Fathima says no everyone is same. She says you are Muslim and he is Hindu and only there is a relation of enmity. Fathima says they burnt out the house and everyone hates us. She asked Asha to handle herself and Ashish will not come. Fathima cries and prays to tell Asha what is right. She goes to Malhotra’s office and asks where is Ashish.

He says I don’t know. Malhotra says I cannot tell you. He talks to someone on the phone and says Ashish has gone to his farmhouse in Lonavala. She goes to Ashish farmhouse. She says I can spend my whole life with you. Ashish says you will get destroyed. Asha says if loving you will give me troubles then I am ready to face everything.

Asha says I cannot leave you with fear of people. She holds his hand. Ashish gets tensed.  He writes that he knows she loves me so much. He tells that Asha was ready to leave all her dreams and career just for me. She never told him that she was pregnant and now we have a small girl named Avni and she is expecting me to come to her sports day.

He says maa I want you to understand. We are going to have another baby and he wants my name. She never asked anything from me not even her right. He says he is hoping that Daya will accept all family with heart. He completes mail and closes his eyes. He sends

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